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KHS-Radiocast Sports Writers Carlos Bautista and Carter Cox, both freshmen, talk about ways COVID-19 mitigation efforts have affected organized sports. Their story features former King's basketball star Corey Kispert, who starts for Gonzaga University. The team was slated to play in the NCAA tournament, which was unfortunately cancelled last month.
The new soccer season is coming up and we cannot wait. In this podcast, we interviewed the coach and he told us about the new plans for the new season, and how we will improve together as a team. We all hope that this season will be better than the last. By Axel
and Sam. 
Student reporter Eunice Ko (Senior) explains her family's journey in attaining the United States citizenship. She recounts how the citizenship ceremony was influenced by the recent COVID-19 outbreak. Listen in to learn more!
Staff reporters Oliver Clark and Tristen Spengler caught up with Mr. Jablon's Speech and Debate team about the state tournament and how it was postponed. They will report on what Mr. Jablon does as a Speech and Debate coach.
Staff sports writers Carlos Bautista and Carter Cox preview the Knights’ 2020 Baseball season Interviews: Coach Keller(Head Coach) Elisha Sergeant (Senior) Tyler Durbin(Senior)
Staff reporter, Eunice Ko, discusses the importance of BHM. She interviews Mr. Rudatsikira, Mrs. Leach, and Kennedy Thompson (Senior) to get a perspective into the discussion of racial diversity in the United States and King's. 

Staff reporters, Elli Kimball and Elijah Chacón, interview various individuals involved in Lady Knights Basketball: Coach Taylor, Gwyn Siers (Freshman), Ashley Gray (Senior), and Claire Gallagher (Junior). 

Listen in to find out Kobe Bryant's impact on women's sports and how it influences our own basketball team.

Produced by Eunice Ko.

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